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Top Reasons Why A Westinghouse Inverter Generator Is A Great Investment

The Westinghouse Corporation is a well-known and respected American company that manufactures electronics and home appliances. The company was founded over a hundred years ago and has been working on providing high-quality electrical devices ever since, and in the process, earning a prominent name for itself in the industry.

When it comes to electronic goods and home appliances, Westinghouse is one of the leaders in the industry, as they constantly strive to streamline the manufacturing process, make the appliances more innovative, feature-packed, functional, and user friendly. Their popularity in the industry is evident from the sheer number of reviews and feedback the company receives regularly from happy customers.

Although Westinghouse produces various electric and home appliances, their inverter generators are one of their more popular product lines. Westinghouse inverter generators compared to other inverter and traditional generators are more eco-friendly, fuel-efficient, and portable. On top of this, inverter generators operate much more quietly. These features are possible in inverter generators due to the way the fuel is compartmentalized to cut down on fuel waste as much as possible.

What is the Inverter Generator?

For most people, inverter generators are just one of those things you have heard about but aren’t exactly sure what they are. The fact of the matter though is that inverter generators are an integral part of our day-to-day lives.

The output electric power can vary greatly from one place to another. In fact, sometimes in some places, the power can vary in different power outlets in the same place. This is bad news for appliances that run using a traditional generator. The fluctuation in the power can not only cause the device to malfunction but can also damage it permanently and lead to electric shocks or a fire hazard.  Inverter generators, on the other hand, adjust the appliance settings to that of the power source so as to prevent any damage to the user or the appliance. Investing in a good inverter generator is especially important for people who are constantly on the move or those who regularly experience power fluctuations in their area.

Apart from the safety and versatility aspect, inverter generators are also much more efficient, durable, and considerably quieter than ordinary generators. The way inverter generators are designed, the mechanical parts produce less friction, which in turn leads to fewer emissions that can be damaging to the environment. This reduction in friction also means the inverter generator generally has longer life as compared to regular generators as there is less wear and tear between the different parts.

The size, fuel, and power capacity, and other such aspects also make inverter generators a much more favorable and consumer-friendly option., especially for people who want to use them at home and would prefer something more portable and compact, as compared to the bulkier models that are preferred for heavy-duty or industrial uses.

Westinghouse Inverter Generators: Are They Any Good?

When it comes to manufacturers of inverter generators, Westinghouse is the go-to choice for many people. This is because of the company’s consistency in delivering high-quality products that are feature-packed, functional, and user-friendly.

Westinghouse Inverter Generators are characterized by good design, durability, and efficient functioning. But what sets the company apart from its competitors in the industry is its attention to detail that helps them serve their customers better by catering to those needs that other inverter generator manufacturers might have overlooked. Moreover, by opting for Westinghouse inverter generators, you can expect to receive the best value for your money, excellent customer care, and a flexible return and exchange policy, just like with every other Westinghouse product.

On top of this, Westinghouse has many years of experience to back up its claims of being one of the leading manufacturers of inverter generators. They have a long history of launching high-quality products that are both innovative and reliable. It is these qualities that have helped them build a solid clientele based on trust and good relations.

Is Buying an Inverter Generator Worth it?

Long story short, it most definitely is. Seeing the world that we live in today, and how innovation is at its peak, people have developed more luxury and convenience with the help of technology. With history being made every day, it’s important to keep up with the times. Buying yourself new products can be a daunting idea, but the long-term benefits of any purchase are what make it worthwhile.

Buying an inverter is a very good investment, as it saves you money, is more flexible to different surges of electricity, and is more durable because of these tweaks and changes. Getting such products from a reliable company like Westinghouse only adds to the benefit. It’s always good to make daily life easier by using technology.

Generator Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Product

The point of a portable generator is to make power not only easily accessible but also movable. It doesn’t matter what one needs it for, it could be as small a need as wanting to charge a device or light-up fairy lights at a fair, a generator should be able to perform these tasks comfortably. But unlike traditional generators that require a certain amount of energy or power to function, an inverter is a level up in this sense.

Inverter generators can easily adjust their power consumption settings as per the level they are receiving from the outlet. This makes inverter generators a very versatile option that can work for a number of different appliances with varying power needs, as well as on different power sources. ‘

Nobody wants to bring home a generator only to find that it is not the right match for your power source or can only work on any power level. Inverter generators can simply eradicate this problem. Though this seems like a minute detail, it may make all the difference in the world at the time you need it or for people who do not have access to multiple power outlets or are cursed with low or fluctuating power in general.

Now, like any other product, an inverter generator has its respective specifics. Important things that should be considered when you are in the market for an inverter generator. This can help you ensure you get the most satisfactory experience and the most ROI on your purchase.

Below are some of the features and characteristics you need to look for while purchasing an inverter generator:


All generators run on fuel, even inverter generators. In this case, many models run either on propane or gasoline, maybe even both! Dual inverters are in high demand as well. Other than that, good inverter generators are very fuel-efficient, meaning the fuel being used is properly utilized by the generator itself. Looking for fuel efficiency in your inverter generator will considerably cut down costs.

Noise Cancellation

Traditional generators have a very distinct noise while they are working. The constant noise which can range from a background hum to downright deafening at times can be quite disturbing and disrupt the peace of any place. Nobody wants a Fortunately, inverter generators are a lot quieter. They have greatly improved noise cancellation features compared to their traditional counterpart. Of course, not all inverter generators are equal when it comes to noise cancellation. The level of noise or lack of the inverter generator produces greatly depends upon the level of technology and innovation the generator’s manufacturer incorporated in the machine.


Unlike traditional generators, inverter generators are generally smaller. This makes them so much more portable and easier to use. Moreover, this makes them more convenient to store and use at home where storage space can often be a problem.


Power is a huge factor for generators because this depends entirely on the predictable or known requirements of the customer. Though most inverter generators have a smaller power output due to their controlled functionality and their smaller size, there are ones that provide better power output. So, in this case, make sure to always know your requirements, it makes it easier to find what you need.

Safety Tips

Just like any other electrical appliance, it is important to consider these safety tips so that you can use your inverter generator without any problems.

  • Keep your hands dry when using or touching the device.
  • Keep the inverter generator dry too. Keep it out of water or away from any moisture.
  • Keep out of the reach of children, pets, or anyone who doesn’t know how to handle it.
  • Make sure you let it cool off after you have used it, the heat may harm you.
  • Preferably use the inverter generator with gloves on.
  • In case of quick overheating, take it to a professional.
  • When fueling, make sure it’s turned off and completely cool to avoid any accidents.
  • Be careful while refueling to avoid any spillage.
  • Go through the instruction manual at least once.
  • Be aware of the minute details. They might make the difference between ruining your product or using it.
  • Beware of any faulty or cut cords or ones that may have any wire exposed.
  • Faulty switches are also hazardous. Contact the company and get the product changed immediately if this is the case.
  • If there’s any proof of any unnatural or out-of-the-ordinary noise, get it checked.
  • Try to use the product in short durations, and not for hours on end.
  • Occasionally check the product for yourself, for good measure.

How to Use an Inverter Generator Properly

The Inverter generators are just as simple to use as any traditional generator. It’s important to have it completely fueled, and then turn a switch after you connect the generator to an outlet of any sort, to whatever device you want to use electricity on.

Depending on the type of inverter you have, you can easily switch to a different fuel by simply flipping a switch. The power output always varies from one design to the next, but the overall way of utilizing it is the same. Though, as is with any electrical appliance, it’s very important to be as careful as possible. Any moisture around or within the product may prove to be a safety hazard, so it’s best to keep your product in check and always be extra careful with the minute details of usage.

Other than that, inverter generators are easy to operate. It’s all about attaching the correct cords and pressing the start button. After that’s done, it is smooth sailing. This easy-to-use mechanism is purposefully done so that customers can easily use their inverter generators without difficulties or needing any technical training or instructions.

Review of the 2 Top-Rated Westinghouse Inverter Generators:

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

This is one of the best products to be offered from Westinghouse, which says a lot seeing as electrical appliances are their specialty. The iGen4500 is a state-of-the-art model, that is well worth its price.

The iGen4500 is a good, easily portable size, lightweight, and extremely fuel-efficient inverter generator.  That can work up to 18 hours and is good for use in any situation. It can generate up to 4500 Watts of electricity and is very quiet while operating.

The iGen4500 is very durable and will likely come in a lot of use for you for a very long time. These claims of durability and longevity by the company are backed by a 3 year warranty period so that you can make your purchase with peace of mind.

When it comes to the iGen4500, it is apparent that Westinghouse paid a lot of attention to the minute details, so as to make it one of the absolute best generators in the market in this day and age. It’s a very good option for people who require such products at home, or even require an on-the-go power outlet when traveling long or short distances.

This model is the largest from Westinghouse’s inverter generator range and is the most powerful of the lot too. The iGen4500 has a good capacity both in power and fueling and can run for extended periods of time because of this. Moreover, even with such a large capacity, the iGen4500 produces minimal noise and disturbance. This is primarily due to its design that minimizes friction, which in turn also lowers emissions that can be hazardous for the environment. This inverter generator is highly fuel-efficient too as less friction means a lesser loss in power output.

With a better internal system, adjustable structures, and good overall outcome, the iGen4500 is a powerful competitor in the inverter generator industry. There’s no surprise in that because the product was quite an innovative addition to this world, to begin with. All customer reviewers are positive, and the warranty of up to 3 years shows how confident Westinghouse is in the performance and durability of the product.

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator


Westinghouse Outdoor iGen4500


  • Extremely Fuel Efficient
  • Extremely Durable
  • Super Quiet
  • Lightweight


  • Low power output
  • Small fuel capacity
  • Only runs on Gasoline


Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen2200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Another product from Westinghouse, that is in high demand is the iGen2200 inverter generator. It is a compact and portable inverter generator with a capacity of 1800 watts. It may not be very suitable for more heavy use, but this product’s perfect for use at home.

iGen2200’s smaller size also makes it a good choice for those who are often on the road and need a power source on the go. The portability combined with iGen 2200s twelve hours of run-time makes it the perfect companion for road and camping trips.

The design and internal structure of this generator give it a very effective noise-canceling function. It’s as low as 52 dB! An extraordinary difference from traditional generators in the market. This reduces friction within the product as well, taking emissions to an absolute minimum. The significant reduction in emissions gives the product a much longer lifespan too.

The product, like every other one from Westinghouse, is factory tested and verified. It’s eco-friendly to quite an extent, and probably one of the best options for people looking to purchase an inverter generator on a budget. The company adds extension cords and other necessities along with the product as well, so that you get a full package in one delivery.

The iGen 2200 is one of the best received inverter generators in the market compared to the other models available. This is evident from the fact that they are almost always completely sold out and more stocks often need to be procured on demand.

The iGen 2200 also comes with a 3-year flexible warranty that can help customers invest without worry and also shows Westinghouse’s trust and confidence in the product. This generator is best for home use, be it to power certain appliances or lights, all such functionalities can be done with ease. But due to the smaller capacity both in battery and output, it won’t be able to power an entire house if there’s ever a blackout. Therefore, as mentioned before, it’s best to look for a model based on your needs. But if you live in an area with a good supply of electricity with little to no power outages, the iGen2200 will suffice any day of the week.

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen2200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator


Westinghouse iGen2200 Inverter Generator


  • Small size, easily portable
  • Extreme noise cancellation
  • Fairly ecofriendly
  • Reduced emissions


  • Low tank capacity
  • Less power output
  • Short run-time



Is Westinghouse a good generator?

Yes, Westinghouse generators are very good. In fact, they’re one of the best in the market today! The detail-oriented design and thoughtful functionality all make the company’s products exceptionally good. It’s evident from customer reviews that the quality is very nice.

Are Westinghouse Generators better than Generac?

Westinghouse generators are more fuel-efficient and are more easily portable than Generac products. Based on product sales and reviews, one can conclude that Westinghouse inverter generators are well above Generac generators.

How quiet is a Westinghouse inverter?

Westinghouse generators are known for how quietly they work. The sound is as low as 52 decibels, which is an amazingly small amount for a generator! This is due to the compact yet the cost-effective design of the inverter generators.

Are the generators tested?

Yes, the generators and every other product in the company are tested. Be it for safe use, or efficiency, it is a priority to test all products before they’re sold or launched. A professionally inclined company will always test its products for the sake of its customers.

How long does a Westinghouse generator last?

The run-time of inverter generators varies. The iGen2200 lasts up to 12 hours, while the iGen4500 lasts up to 18 hours. Generally, the generators all last at least 6-12 hours a day, which is very good considering their size and fuel capacity.

Which Westinghouse generator is the biggest?

The largest Westinghouse inverter generator is the iGen4500. Though it weighs less than 100 pounds, it holds the most fuel and power capacity out of all the models. The size has very little effect on the portability of the product.

How often do you run the generator?

On average, a generator should be run once a week, or a few times a month. The more conservative use of this product elongates its lifespan. So the less you use it, the more you get your money’s worth.

Can the generator be run overnight?

As previously mentioned, the generator can run up to twelve hours throughout. But if it’s possible to use it less, then it’s best to do so in order to keep internal functionalities intact. Careful use of the product is not only preferred but suggested.

Can you run the generator without fuel?

No, the generator does not run without fuel. Anything producing power needs a source of its own, and even this product is no exception to that fact. Though some models offer a switch in what type of fuel is being used, the generator can’t function without fuel entirely.

What is the longest warranty available for the generator?

The longest warranty available is of years, which is most commonly given with the iGen4500. This is a good amount of time for the use of a generator to test it out, most customers are satisfied with this time period as a whole.