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Westinghouse iGen4500 Reviews: Problems, Manuals, Specs, and Accessories

Inverter generators have a sleeker appearance, are easier to use, and produce cleaner power than conventional generators. From our research, the Westinghouse iGen4500 is the pick of the bunch, specially adapted for recreational use but equally suitable for emergency home use.  This review will shine a light on the Westinghouse iGen4500 inverter generator to reveal its strengths, weaknesses, and everything you need to know about it. We watched all the ranking Westinghouse iGen4500 reviews on Youtube and read countless articles, forum threads, customer feedback of the inverter generator to make sure this article is as exhaustive as it can be.  […]

Westinghouse iGen4500 Inverter Generator Review: Versatile and Reliable

Technological advancements have made power generation easy for the average person. With so many types of generators on the market, you have the luxury of choosing from an extensive list. The generator menu includes small portable power stations, mid-size generators, inverters, heavy-duty worksite generators, and whole-house standby units.  Every generator has its advantages and limitations. For example, a power bank is suitable for running small sensitive appliances but cannot power large machines. Mid-size portable generators can run small to medium appliances but cannot support big machines or tackle heavy power loads. In contrast, inverters deliver enough power to run small […]

New to Backup Power? These Are The Top Rated Generator Brands for Beginners

Power outages can happen anytime and anywhere. A generator helps keep your life on track during an outage. It can keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, your phone and laptop charged as well as TVs, security cameras, and other essentials running. Generators were once considered a luxury, but they are now becoming a must-have item for every household. Weather-related outages have increased by 70% in the last two decades. Moreover, growing trends of working from home in the last couple of years have forced people to buy a generator for running their essential appliances. The search […]

The Best Solar Power Generator Buying Guide: the TOP 5 Best Picks

As with all major life situations, backup plans are essential. But in the wake of a power failure at home, why don’t you have a go-to backup? Be it any kind of disaster, natural or man-made, you could use a little help from a power generator.  Solar power generators are not just any kind of power generator. They harness energy from the sun. These are a quiet, green alternative to the bulky and, more often than not, noisy fuel generators. As solar technology improves, citizens are shifting their focus to alternative power stations in the market that reduce their carbon […]

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station Review

Portable power stations offer mobility and power with ease. Designed to be a powerful clean energy alternative to a gasoline-powered inverter generator, the Goal Zero Yeti 400 lithium portable power station is safe and reliable to use indoors, as well as outdoors. Whether it’s to keep your household devices running during a short power outage or powering a small photoshoot in the wilderness, you can rest easy with no fumes, fuss, or fright to worry about. For those of you that enjoy self-reliance, a portable power device is what you’ve been looking for. Many of us have gone hiking, happily […]

The Ultimate Standby Generator Buying Guide: The 5 Best Picks

A standby generator will prevent food spoilage and keep your family safe and comfortable during a power outage. Find out how you can choose the right one for your home. Whether it’s predicted or happens without notice, a power outage is an unpleasant experience. It can mean spoiled food, a dimly lit home, and having to do without many of your usual comforts. After carefully assessing the toll, it will make sense to invest in a home standby generator.  Dubbed the ‘next must-have appliance’, there can be little doubt about the utility of a home standby generator. What you may […]

Jackery 500 Portable Power Station Review

While cities bustling with life can seem appealing to some, all of us could use a break, a detox if you will, once in a while to get our minds, bodies, and spirits back into alignment. Whether it’s going to a cabin in the woods to spend time away from your chaotic schedule or going on a 3-day road trip with your friends and family. “Well, I’d still have to carry my laptop with me. How am I going to charge my electronics if we go camping?” Perhaps this concern would’ve been valid a decade ago. In 2021, however, it […]

We Reviewed the Top 5 Propane Generators. Here’s What We found Out.

Nothing works without electricity. Unfortunately, our life goes on pause when the power goes out. Therefore we need to make sure we have a reliable backup power plan, especially if we live in areas where electric outage problems persist. For most people, a generator is the best option when dealing with pesky power outages. Two types of generators will quickly restore power to your home when power outages strike—namely, a standby generator or a portable one. Still, not everyone can afford a standby generator, so most people rely on portable generators for running essential appliances when the power supply is […]

Here’s the Complete List Of The Top-Rated Lithium Power Stations Worthy Of Your Attention

Lithium power stations pack more power in a small, light battery, which makes them fabulously portable. They require no maintenance effort and are especially convenient for outdoor excursions. Smaller, lighter portable batteries are the new arms race. Soon public buses and freight trucks will be electric and autonomous. Our mobile devices are getting more powerful and power-hungry. Robots are slowly taking our jobs. And drones will soon be zinging through our skies delivering everything from Amazon orders to prescriptions. All those things need electrical power to run. We should presumably be able to generate that energy from the sun and […]

Here are the 5 Best Portable Jump Starter Power Stations

Almost every automobile owner has had to suffer through a dead battery at least once. A tell-tale sign of a dead battery is that the engine simply refuses to turn on despite your repeating attempts at turning the ignition. A quick way to give a new life to a dead car battery is by using a jump starter. Jump starters for cars are an alternate power source that can be attached to your car’s battery by using the cable with alligator clamps on it. The flow of power from the jump starter power station to the dead battery helps revive […]