The Ultimate Guide to the Best Chainsaws for Home Use

People may stop caring for their trees and plants for several reasons, but insufficient time and limited garden knowledge are the two main culprits.  An essential step to putting your garden back to rights is cutting back overgrown tree branches, shrubs, and hedges. Unfortunately, dense trees and shrubs can be pretty stubborn to deal with, especially if you are using an old axe or standard gardening tools. Instead, you will need something much more powerful, easy to use, and less cumbersome. Simply put, you need a chainsaw suitable for home use.  A chainsaw provides the maximum power needed to keep […]

How Does a Corded Electric Chainsaw Work? (+ Review of 5 TOP Rated Picks)

If you need to cut firewood or prune overgrown tree branches, then you need to invest in a chainsaw. A chainsaw features a cutting chain with a set of teeth that run along a guide bar. Traditionally, gasoline engines are used to run chainsaws. However, this has changed as motor-driven electric chainsaws are now available in many markets. Today there are various brands of corded and cordless chainsaws. Corded electric chainsaws differ from gas and battery-powered models, as explained below.   Corded Electric Chainsaw Vs battery/Gas-Powered Chainsaw For starters, a corded electric chainsaw uses a motor to run the cutting chain. […]

We Reviewed the Best Gas- Powered Husqvarna Chainsaws Available On The Market Today. Here Is What We Found.

Nothing beats a chainsaw when it comes to felling, pruning, bucking, and making firewood out of felled trees. It certainly makes short work of these labor-intensive tasks! However, this handy tool is also one of the most dangerous unlicensed tools. A report published by PubMed states that over 3 million chainsaws are sold in the US every year. Chainsaws are said to cause around 28,000 injuries annually, with most of these injuries associated with hands and lower parts of the body. Hence, one should exercise caution by following the manufacturers’ guidelines and safety measures before using the chainsaw.                Chainsaws have […]

How Does a Battery-Powered Chainsaw Work? (+ Review of 5 TOP Rated Picks)

Chainsaws have long been termed noisy and complex tools that need gas mixing, manual starts, cord management (electric models), and complicated maintenance problems. But thanks to technological innovations in the realm of battery-powered tools, chainsaws have become quiet, easy to manage, and operate. What You Need to Know about Using a Chainsaw Although battery-powered chainsaws are incredibly user-friendly, you still need to give them the respect they deserve. A chainsaw is one of the most dangerous unlicensed tools, and if not handled properly, it can cause severe injuries. A battery-powered chainsaw is an ideal tool for use in your backyard […]

COOCHEER Chainsaw, 62CC 20 Gas Powered Chainsaw

How Does a Gas-Powered Chainsaw Work? (+ Review of 5 TOP Rated Picks)

A gas-powered chainsaw can fell a small forest of mature trees in a matter of hours. At home, it is useful for trimming overgrown tree branches and brush and cutting firewood. It is a mean wood cutting tool that simplifies an otherwise physically demanding, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous task.  Compared to manual cutting tools, a gas-powered chainsaw does the job ridiculously fast and far more efficiently. So much that watching an experienced lumberjack dexterously cut up a large tree makes using a chainsaw seem easy. Is it though? To put it mildly, a chainsaw is a dangerous tool to an […]