The Ultimate List of The Best Home Generator Brands

The hunt for the best home generator begins with selecting a reputable brand. The importance of choosing the best generator brand should never be ignored because a brand’s history, reputation, and customer service levels impact your machine’s usability. An exceptional brand equates to an exceptional generator, which is precisely what you want when the lights go out! 

Just imagine purchasing a super-powerful generator, and it develops a technical glitch. Of course, you would expect the generator’s manufacturer to help you as soon as possible and solve the problem right away. However, if the brand’s customer service team offers poor service and unreliable response timings, you will be left with no power and sitting in the dark.

In addition, you will have to contend with a malfunctioning generator, warranty cover (which is of no use), and essential equipment not running. At this moment, you would be thinking, ‘if only I had bought a machine from a better brand!’ Reputable brands are known for the responsibility they take for their product after purchase, valuing their customers, and fair refund policies.

In this article, we will try to help you to buy the best generator from a top brand. We listed all the home generator brands in North America and shortlisted the 10 best home generator brands. We interviewed the manufacturers, surveyed homeowners and we will share that with you as well. Most importantly, we rummaged through user reviews and tested the best machines from each brand to help you find the best home generator.

Before we delve into the best generator brands, it is essential to understand how to pick a home generator and what features to look for in each one. 

How to Pick a Home Generator

Home generators come in two different styles; portable and standby. While a standby generator is best for powering your entire home, it cannot be used in the great outdoors. That’s where portable generators come in handy! Portable generators can be utilized to power work sites, tailgates, campsites, RV’s, and even off-grid cabins. You name the place you need alternate power, and the portable generator steps up to the plate!

A home generator usually lasts for 10-12 years, provided you buy it from a reputable brand, and the machine has lasting features making it usable for at least a decade. This section lists all the features that you should check before buying a generator.

Brand’s Reputation

To select the best brand for your home generator, begin by checking the reviews on its generators. You can check customer reviews at the manufacturer’s website and online retail stores like Amazon and Home Depot. Social media and word of mouth are also excellent ways of finding out what people think of your chosen brand. 

A good brand has good reviews and high ratings. Check the percentage of 4-5 star and 1-star ratings; a high percentage of 4-5 star ratings (usually above 85%) means that a substantial majority of the buyers find the generator to be dependable during an outage. If a brand’s machines have a high number of 1-star ratings, you can conclude that buyers are not happy with the machine. On the other hand, a large number of 2-3 star ratings indicate that this brand is just average. 

If you analyze reviews for one brand’s multiple generators, you will find that the rating trend is similar across all the machines. This is because it depicts one thing, brand reputation. This plays an integral part in deciding how buyers react to its products. Though this trend is not universal for all machines, it can give you plenty of information to assess how the brand’s generators will work in the long run.

We have considered all these factors before selecting the best home generator brands for you. We want to ensure that you, our readers receive the best value for your hard-earned money by purchasing a machine that serves all your electrical needs. 

Power Needs and Type of Generator

When buying a home generator, you need to consider your power requirement. Some people prefer powering every appliance in their homes and thus buy a standby generator. However, a vast majority of buyers choose a portable generator to power the basic essentials such as refrigerators and AC/heating systems during a power outage. These generators are by no means limited and can also be used to power well pumps, sump pumps, lights, fans, and water heaters in times of need. Need help deciding on one of these types of generators instead? Check out our Best Generator Brands of 2021 to help you choose!

Large portable generators have an output above 6000 watts. These machines are highly versatile and can be used for worksites, RVs, camper vans, and outdoors. Many homeowners buy inverter generators to run sensitive appliances such as laptops, mobile phones, sound systems, and TVs. These machines are lightweight and small in size. You can use them for RVs, tailgates, pool parties, pleasure activities, and many more. In addition, inverters can be connected with other inverters to double the power output.      

Generator’s Output

You will need to consider your power needs to purchase an appropriately sized generator. Calculating your power needs is an easy but technical step. Begin by listing all the appliances you will be running on your generator. Next, note the starting and running wattages for each appliance and add up the total power requirement. 

Add a cushion of 300-400 watts in each column, so you have room for adding additional appliances during an outage. Finally, compare the calculated starting and running wattage with the generator’s specs. This will tell you how much power you need.

Our list of best home generator brands is diverse and caters to the needs of a large group of people. You will find a generator from the best brands tailor-made to your needs.

Tank Capacity and Runtime

You’ll need to consider tank capacity and runtime after you have decided on the brand, type, and power output. Tank capacity and runtime are directly related to each other. A bigger tank means longer runtimes. Some brands include big tanks in their designs to run the machine for at least 6-8 hours without refueling. The runtime is measured with 50% load because a generator runs optimally at this point.     

Control Panel

Some brands offer detailed control panels with features like a data center, maximum outlets, fuel gauges, electric start, and remote start options. However, these brands are pricier than others. It all comes down to your pocket and willingness to spend top dollar on these features.   


If you are buying a portable home generator, don’t forget to check the portability features. A portable generator must come with a wheel kit and handles to facilitate movement. You’ll need to move the machine every time the power goes out or whenever you plan to take it outdoors.     

Noise Level and Safety Features

Make sure that the generator is not very noisy and that it comes with maximum safety features. A noisy machine will be a nuisance for you and your neighbors. Safety features such as a low oil shutdown, overload protection, and surge arrest are a must in portable generators.     

Warranty and Customer Service

You can check the generator’s warranty in the product description/user manual and the manufacturer’s website. Most brands offer the same warranty on their generators. You may think that an extended warranty is better than a limited warranty, but what’s the benefit if the company does not provide adequate customer service? Therefore, it is better to select a brand with good customer service, even if it offers a limited warranty.

Here Are The 10 Top-Rated Home Generator Brands

This review will review the following brands:

  1. Generac
  2. Brigs & Stratton           
  3. Durostar
  4. Honda
  5. Champion
  6. All Power America
  7. Craftsman
  8. Westinghouse
  9. Powermate
  10. Togo

Let’s investigate each brand in more detail!

1. Generac

Generac is the first name that comes to mind when we talk about home use standby generators. Founded in 1959, Generac was the first brand to manufacture affordable home standby generators, along with the first engine developed specifically to withstand the rigors of generator use. As a result, Generac currently holds the #1 spot in-home use standby generator industry.

Many homeowners prefer buying Generac when it comes to home standby generators. Compared with other top brands, Generac offers the best value on a watt-per-dollar basis. In addition, it means that running a Generac is far more economical in the long run than standby generators from other brands.

Generac is a recipient of Milwaukee Magazine’s “Best Places to Work” award for Southeastern Wisconsin. The brand has also earned Good Housekeeping Seal for its Guardian series. Guardian series is the product-line name of standby generators. In addition, frost and Sullivan honored Generac with the 2014 natural gas generator company award. Generac’s contributions to the American natural gas generator industry have been remarkable, and it has revolutionized the home standby generator industry for the last two decades.

Generac Generator Brand

Generac generators have the most advanced features such as multi-lingual LCDs, weather-resistant durable housings, silent operation, and excellent fuel economy. In addition, its generators are easy to operate and maintain.

Moreover, Generac offers 5 years limited warranty on its products with a 24/7/365 customer support service. Almost all of Generac’s models come with a mobile link remote monitoring feature that allows you to monitor the status of your generator anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet, or a PC. Generac also offers a low RPM testing mode that delivers a fuel-efficient testing facility.

Generac powers its generators with OHVI engines designed explicitly for standby generators and can withstand hours of runtime without getting hot. These durable powerhouses provide reliability during extended power outages.         

Generac manufactures diesel-fueled, gasoline-powered, propane-powered, and bi-fuel generators, giving users maximum versatility and independence while selecting the fuel type. It also makes top-of-the-line portable generators and inverters, but it is best known for standby units. Generac generators are used for industrial, commercial, and residential power generation needs.



  • Good buyer ratings
  • Vast product line
  • Technologically advance machines
  • Decent warranty
  • Lifetime customer support


  • Expensive

Generac 70432 Home Standby Generator

One of the best standby generators from Guardian Series is Generac 70432 home standby generator. It is built around a G-force engine that delivers a powerful punch when you need it the most. The dual-fuel machine can produce 22000 watts on natural gas and 19500 watts on propane. The super-silent engine runs at 57-67 dB (A), which will not bother you much. The 200-amp switch brings the power back to your home within 2 seconds.

Standby generators are costly. Overall, Generac’s standby machines have excellent ratings and reviews. More than 90% of the buyer’s rate Generac products, especially standby generators with 4-5 stars. Generac offers maximum value for your money.




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2. Brigss & Stratton

Just like Generac, Briggs and Stratton Corporation is a well-known brand in the world of home-use generators. It is an American Fortune 1000 manufacturer of gasoline engines. The company has 12 facilities in the USA and 8 in other countries like Australia, China, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and the Netherlands. Its products, epically home-use generators, are sold in over 100 countries around the world.

The company made a humble start in 1908. It produced generators in World War II to help with the war effort. In 2005, Briggs and Stratton acquired a consumer generator business from the Beacon Group and formed Briggs & Stratton Power Products.

Briggs and Stratton

Briggs and Stratton currently make portable generators, commercial generators, and home generators. Its portable generators line consists of inverters and conventional-style generators. Commercial use machines are heavy-duty, ultra-powerful generators that start from 30KW power output. These are best for commercial facilities like factories, hospitals, shopping malls, and other such places. Home standby models start from 10KW and go up to 25KW. Its product line is even more versatile than Generac.

Its generators feature advanced control panels, wireless monitoring, power management modules, heavy-duty engines, impressive warranties, excellent customer service, and financing programs. Some of the models are designed with emission control features that allow you to keep a generator as close as 18-inches from your home. In addition, Briggs and Stratton ensure that you purchase a generator according to the unit’s power output, so you never feel underpowered. You can also finance costly standby units.  

The brand also offers state-of-the-art portable inverters and conventional generators. These machines provide features like CO guard (controls the carbon monoxide emissions), Bluetooth connectivity, heavy-duty wheels, ergonomic carry handles, and lightweight models (inverters only).

Brigss & Stratton


  • Wide variety of portable, standby, and commercial generators
  • Cheaper than Generac


  • Poor customer support
  • Not-so-good buyer ratings

Briggs & Stratton 40375 10kW Standby Generator

Briggs and Stratton’s 10kW standby generator is one of its best offerings. It is an ideal standby generator for small and medium households looking for an affordable and reliable machine. It is powered by a 570cc Vanguard engine with 3600 RPM speed and can produce 10000 watts on propane and 9000 watts on natural gas. You can run the machine at 120/240 volts. It comes with a 50-amp circuit breakers switch.

The single-phase machine can power many appliances in your home for a very long time as it is a fuel-efficient model. The noise rating is 67 dB (A) from a distance of 7 meters. Therefore, it won’t bother you much. The unit is protected in a steel enclosure for maximum durability and safety against external elements. It is an innovative and compact machine and does not require huge amounts of space for installation.




3. Durostar

DuroMax owns DuroStar. DuroMax Power Equipment was founded in 2003 and is currently the industry leader in dual-fuel portable generator technology. It has revolutionized the dual fuel generator industry in the same way Generac has transformed home standby generators.

DuroMax is headquartered in Ontario, California, and deals in generators, engines, pressure washers, pumps, and generator accessories. DuroStar is an altogether separate product line with affordable generators. DuroStar machines are tailor-made for homeowners. You can find machines starting from 1050 watts up to 13000 watts. Such a wide range of generators make the brand perfect for home, work and play.

DuroMax also offers dual fuel machines that are best to deal with disaster-based outages because you can use stored propane during an emergency. DuroStar has a diesel generator as well. The enclosed machine is best for homeowners who like diesel generators.

DuroStar Generator Brand

The control panel on DuroStar machines varies from one machine to another. Bigger and powerful models have detailed control panels with data centers. Some models also come with analog meters. These meters show the voltage and output; however, you can’t keep track of running hours with analog meters. Finally, some select models come with an MX2 power boost feature that helps double the power output from 120V to 240V to power heavy appliances and RVs.

Most of the DuroStar models come with low oil shutoff as an essential safety feature. It helps shut down the machine when the oil levels are below the safe limit, thus enhancing the engine’s life by avoiding wear and tear. In addition, all DuroMax and DuroStar models are EPA and CARB certified.

DuroStar is known for fuel-efficient heavy-duty engines and better runtime than other brands with the same output.



  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Dual-fuel models
  • Good customer reviews


  • Limited models
  • Wheel kit not included in some models
  • Noisy machines
  • No inverters

Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator

DuroStar’s most famous model is the DS4000S. It is best for homeowners looking to power 2-3 appliances during an outage, such as a refrigerator, water heater, or well pump. The machine is powered with a 208cc air-cooled OHV engine that can run for long hours during an outage. You can also use this generator for RVs, worksites, and outdoor use. However, it is not ideal for tailgates and pool parties because it is noisier than inverters and produces 69 dB (A) noise.

The machine can deliver 4000 starting and 3300 running watts. It has safety features like surge arrest and low oil shutdown. The outlets consist of two 120V household outlets and one 120V 30A twist-lock outlet. There is no data center, but you get an analog meter for measuring voltage output. One full tank provides 8 hours runtime on 50% load. Please note that the wheel kit and handle do not come with the generator. You will have to buy them separately.




4. Honda

It is a must to mention Honda when we talk about reliable home use generators. Honda currently offers generators for home backup, industrial, and recreational purposes. Its product line is also divided into super quiet and economy variants.

Honda began manufacturing small engines for power equipment in 1953. Honda introduced its generators, tillers, and outboards in 1973 in the US market. Apart from these three tools, Honda also offers lawn mowers, pumps, snowblowers, and trimmers to the US market. Honda reached a significant milestone of 40 million power equipment customers in the United States in 2015.

Honda Generator Brands

First things first, Honda’s generators are costly. Honestly speaking, you can purchase two ordinary generators for the same price as one Honda generator. So let’s find out why Honda generators are so costly and if the price hike is justified?

To begin with, the brand name. Honda brand is a complete universe in itself. There is a proper SOP for handling everything. The production process, testing, packing, shipping, sales, customer service, warranty claims are handled by separate departments that follow strict SOPs to ensure that Honda customers get the best of the best.

Secondly, Honda generators are manufactured with very few moving parts that make them run smoothly and silently. As a result, these machines are known for reliability and dependability in times of need. You may have to select from a limited number of models, but all of them are worth the cost.

Honda’s exceptional customer service is made possible through a vast dealer’s network spread across the US.

Most Honda machines come with a CO minder. It controls the carbon monoxide level in the surroundings and automatically shuts down the generator before reaching the danger limit. In addition, some models have Bluetooth connectivity and remote monitoring options.

The control panel on most Honda machines has detailed options for easy interaction with the machine. The machines feature data centers with buttons and breakers. The outlets are cover protected on all the models. Moreover, maintaining Honda generators is easy compared to other top brands.



  • Reliable engine
  • Extremely user-friendly controls
  • Easy to set up and maintain


  • Limited options to choose from
  • Costly machines

Honda EU2200i Portable Inverter Generator

Honda’s inverters are more common and popular than its other models. Its EU2200i is one of the top-rated machines across all the best brands. This machine is ideal for homeowners looking to power their sensitive appliances during an outage like laptops, phones, TVs, DVD players, small fridges, and coffee makers. You can also use this machine for tailgates, pool parties, RVs, and campsites because it is a very silent machine and operates at only 48-57 dB (A).

The starting wattage is 2200 watts, with a running power is 1800 watts. You won’t be able to run heavy-duty machines or big tools on this inverter, but if you use it in the right way, you can get a lot out of it. The standout features of this machine are CO minder, Bluetooth connectivity, eco-mode, and parallel connectivity. The control panel doesn’t feature a data center but has LED indicators for overload, output, and low oil alert. The machine is powered by a 121cc engine with a 0.95-gallon fuel tank, capable of delivering 4-hour runtime at half load. The unit is covered with a 3-year residential and commercial warranty.




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5. Champion

Not everyone can afford an expensive brand like Honda. However, for budget buyers, Champion generators are the best. Champion was launched in 2003 in California. Its low prices and impressive features made the brand one of the best in the industry. Champion generators are a standard of performance and excellence in home, work, and play power needs.

For 18 years, Champion has sold more than 2.5 million generators in North America and expanded its operations in Jackson, Tennessee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Toronto, Canada. Champion’s generator product line includes inverters, conventional portable generators, and whole-house standby generators. It also provides winches and log splitters for the consumer and commercial market.

Champion Generators

Champion offers high-tech features at affordable rates. In most of its models, you will find a data center, safety features, remote and electric start options, rubber-protected outlets, heavy-duty never-flat wheels, and ergonomic carry handles.

One remarkable feature of Champion generators is the Intelligauge voltmeter. The voltmeter displays voltage, output and keeps track of running hours for hassle-free maintenance.   

The warranty on most generators is 3 years, but many users are not satisfied with the brand’s customer service. It is the only drawback of buying a Champion generator. Champion also offers state-of-the-art dual-fuel machines. Its dual-fuel machines are best for powering your homes during disaster-based outages.



  • Affordable
  • Wide range of generators
  • Highly sought-after brand


  • Poor customer service

Champion Power Equipment 100165 Portable Generator

When it comes to dual-fuel generators, Champion’s 100165 dual-fuel portable generators deserve a spot on the list of top machines from the best brands. The dual-fuel machine is best for people looking for a high-power generator for navigating power outages. The 439cc dual-fuel engine delivers 9375 staring and 7500 running watts on gasoline. The starting watts and running watts on propane are 8400 and 6750, respectively.

The EPA and CARB certified machine has a 3-year warranty cover and comes with safety features like low oil shutdown, overload protection, and surge voltage protection. You can start the machine with just a push button through its electric start operation. The 6.0-gallon gas tank delivers a massive 8 hours runtime on a 50% load. The runtime on a 20-pound propane tank is 5.5 hours. The outlets on this model consist of one 120/240V 30A locking outlet, one 120V 30A locking outlet, and 2 GFCI 120V 20A duplex outlets. The 240V outlet can be used for heavy machines and RVs.




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6. All Power America

All power America is a manufacturer and distributor of outdoor power equipment. The company was founded in 2005, and its products are manufactured at a 6 million square feet manufacturing plant in China. The American headquarters are located in Ontario, California, with distribution houses in California and Georgia.        

All Power America’s product line consists of generators (dual-fuel and propane), electric pressure washers, log splitters, water pumps, and gas pressure washers. All of its products are covered with impressive warranties and come with excellent customer service.

Many Americans avoid buying generators from China because of the low-quality materials used in manufacturing. It helps keep the price low. All Power America generators come with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) or Canadian Standards Association (CSA) tags. The generators are certified by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resource Board). So, all quality fears are allayed with certifications labels.

All Power America Generators

All Power America offers inverters and conventional portable generators. Though it is not a very famous brand, it continually rises to the echelons of reputable brands and makes a name for itself in the top ranks. Its portable generators are highly mobile with all the advanced features you would want in a home generator.       

All America is one of the very few brands that offer propane-powered machines. These machines are best for people who despise gasoline and want safer alternate power. With propane generators, you don’t have to face carburetor problems and fuel line issues.  

The control panel comes with a host of circuit breaker-protected outlets along with a data center, key start and recoil start option, low oil shutdown, and a fuel selector knob. The machines appear to be big and robust, sturdy and durable.

All Power America


  • Powerful engines
  • Portable machines
  • An anti-corrosive coating on generators makes them durable


  • Generators are not aesthetically pleasing

All Power America APGG10000GL Dual Fuel Portable Generator

All America Power’s APGG10000GL is a beast with a dual-fuel option. The 15 HP 420cc OHV air-cooled engine delivers 10000 watts staring and 8000 running power on gasoline. In addition, it produces 8500 peak and 7000 rated watts on propane. The 8-gallon fuel tank runs for 11 hours at 50% load. The runtime is impressive compared to other top brand generators.

The machine is easy to move around and operate with a detailed control panel. The outlets on this model include four 120V AC duplex outlets, one 120V twist-lock outlet and one 120/240V twist-lock outlet, and one 12V DC outlet.




7. Craftsman

Craftsman is a brand known for manufacturing the very best power tools in the world. The brand came into existence in 1927 and introduced electric drills in 1929. Since then, Craftsman has been the top choice for Americans looking for quality outdoor tools.

You may be surprised to know that Craftsman generators have quite a remarkable reputation in the market. Though it has a limited customer base, its machines are rated in line with other top brands. Craftsman deals in mid-range generators. The most powerful among the lot is a 7000-watt generator.

Craftsman Generators

Its generator product line includes inverter generators and conventional generators. Its machines are characterized by big tanks, high runtimes, multi-feature control panels, and portable design. Craftsman uses Briggs and Stratton engines which is one of the leading generator brands as well. Its conventional generators come with a unique feature. You get two big LED screens that display wattages, CO minder, rubber cover protected outlets, heavy-duty never-flat wheels, and two-sided handles for maximum ease while moving big units.

Craftsman’s inverters are characterized by features like low running sounds, lightweight designs, parallel connectivity, economy mode, a large number of outlets, and ergonomic handles.



  • Well-built machines
  • Mid-range price
  • An extensive network of dealers


  • Limited generators
  • No dual-fuel machines

Craftsman C0010030 3000i 50 St/CSA Inverter Generators

If you can’t afford a costly Honda inverter but still want a good inverter generator from a top brand, Craftsman is your best bet. Its C0010030 3000i inverter is best for home use, outdoor, and running some tools at a worksite. The gasoline-powered machine produces 3000 peak and 2300 rated watts. You can run your laptops, TV, DVD, small cooking range, lights, sound system, and other such appliances that need safe power.

The outlets on this model consist of one 3-face 120V AC 20A outlet, two 2-face 120V AC 20A outlets, and two USB outlets. In addition, it comes with a 1-gallon gas tank that can power the machine for a maximum of 4.5 hours. The control panel also features low oil, output ready, and check engine lights.




8. Westinghouse

Westinghouse brand is one of the oldest American companies. It was founded in 1886 by George Westinghouse with the name of Westinghouse Electric Company. Westinghouse has numerous awards and achievements to its credit.

Westinghouse is often treated as a luxurious brand for generators. Almost all its models have a remote start, data centers, impressive warranties, and excellent customer service. However, its models are a bit costly compared to other brands with the same features.     

Westinghouse and DuroStar brands are hugely competitive, especially in the home use generator category. You can find Westinghouse’s inverters starting from 2200 watts and units with as much power as 20000 watts output. With Westinghouse, you can treat a portable unit as a standby unit for whole-house use. Westinghouse is the only brand to offer high power outputs in the portable generator category. Its big models are costly, but you will be surprised to know that American people frequently buy them because they know that nothing goes wrong with Westinghouse.

Westinghouse Generators

A typical Westinghouse generator will come with a remote start, a VFT meter, GFCI outlets, idle mode, breakers, and outlets to support 50A, 30A appliances. In addition, the package will include an oil and oil funnel to get you started, battery, tool kit, and instructions manual for assembling and usage guide.

Westinghouse is also known for high-quality dual-fuel generators that offer maximum runtimes at gasoline and propane. All the machines are covered with a 3-year warranty and lifetime customer support service. Moreover, all Westinghouse generators are EPA and CARB certified.

You will hardly find a Westinghouse generator with reviews below 4.5/5. A majority of buyers (above 85%) rate its products with 4-5 stars.



  • High-quality machines
  • Technologically sound features
  • Products are backed by solid research and development


  • Costly
  • Shipping issues

Westinghouse WGen5300v Portable Generator

Westinghouse’s Wgen5300V generator is an ideal balance between power and portability. It is a mean powerhouse that can power your sump pump, AC, refrigerators, well pumps, water heaters, and many more appliances. In addition, it can support all the appliances you would want to power during an outage. The machine draws the power from a 274cc 4-stroke engine, capable of delivering 6600 peak and 5300 rated watts. In addition, you can choose from 120/240V AC voltage to support your heavyweight appliances and power RVs.

The gas tank size is 4/7 gallons, and the machine delivers an impressive runtime of 13.5 hours. It is the maximum runtime you will get with 2650 watts on a gasoline generator. The outlets consist of one 120V duplex 5-20R, one 120/240V 30R, and one 120V 30R outlet. Moreover, the unit comes with heavy-duty wheels and is easy to move around.




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9. Powermate

Powermate is owned by Coleman which is a well-known manufacturer of outdoor equipment. Powermate offers a limited selection of inverters, conventional generators, and power equipment.

Powermate advertises itself as the brand that can help you deal with disaster-based emergencies. Its portable generators offer features like CO sense (controls CO levels in the surrounding), impressive runtimes up to 21 hours with lightweight and compact designs, making the machine easy to move around.

Its inverters are known for clean and efficient power. These machines are super-silent inverters that will not bother you much, making them ideal for outdoor use such as tailgates, campsites, and RVs. You can also use inverters to power small appliances during an outage.

Powermate Generators



  • Affordable – best value for money
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Advanced features at a reasonable price
  • Reliable Generac engines


  • Limited product range
  • Poor customer service
  • Not all models are CARB compliant

Powermate P0081500 Gas Generator

Powermate’s 9400W portable generator is a worth mentioning model. The machine features an electric start, a Generac engine, impressive runtime at high wattages, high-quality wheels, and an ergonomic handle to make portability easy.

This model runs on gasoline and produces 9400 peak and 7500 running wattage. It is powered by a 420cc engine to make sure that you never feel underpowered. The gas tank size is 8 gallons, and it can run for 6.5 hours at 50% load. The control panel for this unit is easy to use. It features a VFT meter, start/stop button, outlets, and circuit breakers. The outlets consist of four 120 Volt AC, 20 Amp, GFCI outlets, and one 120/240 Volt AC, 30 Amp, twist-lock receptacle. The outlets are enough to run 4-5 appliances at one time directly. Moreover, it is a transfer switch-ready machine for connecting to your home. You can also use this machine to power your RVs and camper vans.

Please note that Powermate’s selected models are CARB certified. Please check the specifications if you are from California. The model discussed here is CARB certified.




10. Togo

The last brand on our list is Togo. Togo has been in the business of gas generators since 2000. Many people use Togo generators for outdoor activities, running essentials during an outage, off-grid living, and powering tools at worksites.

Togo launched its gas inverter generators in 2008 and solar power banks in 2019.

Togo offers 3 models in the portable gas generator category that you can use for powering your essentials during an outage. Togo’s conventional generators are not very famous, but its portable power stations with lithium-ion batteries and solar charging options are highly sought after.

Togo’s product line consists of gas generators, power stations, solar panels, and solar gensets.

Togo Generators



  • Lightweight and compact models
  • Highly portable machines
  • Best for budget buyers


  • A relatively unknown brand for gas generators
  • Limited product line

Togo Power Portable Generator

One of the best models from Togo is its 3600-watt gas-powered generator. It is an ideal machine for home use, job sites, RV, camping, tailgating, and BBQ parties. The generator is built around a 208cc air-cooled OHV engine capable of producing 3600 starting and 3000 running watts. The outlets on this model consist of one 120V AC 20A duplex receptacle, one 120V AC 30A locking receptacle, one 25A, and one 20A circuit breaker. All of these outlets are cover protected.

The tank size is 3.17 gallons, and it can run up to 9.5 hours at 50% load. The runtime is pretty decent and offers an excellent fuel average. You can easily navigate a twelve-hour power outage with one full tank. The machine comes with a wheel kit and ergonomic handle that makes it easy to move the unit around. The generator is EPA and CARB certified and is protected with a 1-year warranty.





Which is the best home use generator brand?

It depends on your preferences. Generac, Briggs, and Stratton offer the best standby machines. DuroStar and Westinghouse are the best brands for conventional portable generators. Champion is the top brand for dual-fuel generators. Finally, Honda and Craftsman are rated as the best brands for inverter generators.

What kind of engines do home generators use?

Most home generators use a 4-stroke engine.

Which brands manufacture their engines?

Generac, DuroStar, and Honda manufacture their engines. Craftsman and Powermate use engines from other brands such as Generac and Briggs and Stratton.

Which home generator brands are manufactured in the USA?

DuroStar, Honda, WEN, and Generac all have manufacturing facilities in the US.

Which companies make the most home generators?

DuroMax (owner of DuroStar), Westinghouse, and Champion offer the most extensive collection of home-use generators.

Who makes the best dual-fuel home use generator?

Champion makes the best dual-fuel generators for home use. In addition, its generators are one of the best for navigating disaster-based outages.

Final Word

You cannot ignore the importance of a brand when buying a generator. Many companies enter the home use generator market every year, but only the best ones survive. We have listed the best generator brands along with their best machines.