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Westinghouse Electric Company: Everything To Know About This Time-Tested Titan

It was in 1865 that a seemingly unassuming 19-year-old boy from Central Bridge, New York made his mark on history by patenting the rotary steam engine. For anyone else, that one invention could have proven to be the achievement of a lifetime. But young George Westinghouse was only just getting started. A mere 4 years later, in 1869, he patented another revolutionary technology i.e., the airbrake — making history yet again in the span of half a decade and completely changing the face of railroad safety for ages to come. That same year, the Westinghouse Air Brake Company was established.  […]

The Ultimate Durostar DS10000E 10,000-Watt Gas-Powered Portable Generator Review

The Durostar DS10000E excels where many portable generators lack, and fail. With a powerful engine that’s housed in an all-metal body, it can perform in most environments and generates enough electricity to back up a mid-sized home. Learn why so many people swear by it. Whether it’s a blizzard, hurricane, wind storm, or a flood that’s forecast for your town, you know you will likely be left without power. That’s almost inevitable with how violent these weather events usually are in most parts of the USA.  To keep your family safe and comfortable (or your business running) while they restore […]

The Ultimate Generac 76711 GP1200i 1200-Watt Portable Inverter Generator Review

Electricity is a critically important resource in today’s world. But what do you do during a power outage or when you go to remote areas? Well, this is where brands like Generac come in. Generac is the leading manufacturer of portable generators in America with over 70% market share. The company has been in operation for more than 60 years. During this period, Generac has grown to become a leading manufacturer of backup generators in North America.  In this article, we will introduce you to this very popular brand and dive deeper into one of its most popular products – […]

The Ultimate Champion 100402 2000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator Review

Selecting an inverter generator is not an easy thing. First, you face the challenge of sorting through countless options, with each looking like the best one. Next, there’s the conundrum of evaluating the machine and deciphering its ‘necessary’ features. After all, a generator may look like the best one, but is it suited to your needs, and can you guarantee it won’t die after a couple of months? As generator experts, we have shortlisted the best dual-fuel inverter generators with the ideal power output for running a few essentials.  Our findings showed that Champion’s 2000-watt inverter came up as the […]

The Ultimate Champion 100302 4000-Watt Inverter Generator Review

Nothing beats a generator when it comes to powering your home during an emergency power outage or providing power for your RV, campsite, and other outdoor adventures. However, purchasing the right generator to meet your power needs can be an uphill task and becomes more intimidating when you have hundreds of options to consider. We researched various generators that can meet the average household’s needs and looked at how they would power all your essentials like lights, TV, internet, refrigerator, sump pump, and many other appliances. Then, we shortlisted our picks and settled on the Champion 100302 4000-watt open frame […]

How Do The Best Portable Generator Brands Compare? We Have The Top List

Anyone who’s experienced a prolonged power outage knows that the ability to protect yourself and your family from spoiled food, flooded basements and homes, cold and heat, and more quickly stops being a luxury and becomes a necessity. The ability to keep the lights on, ensure heating and cooling systems stay active, and keep your family fed by powering your fridge can be a literal lifesaver.  Today’s best portable generator brands have revolutionized the industry and made portable generators something every household has access to.  What kind of generator do you need? How big should it be? Are generators safe? […]

The Westinghouse iGen Generator Line: Everything You Should Know

Westinghouse Electric Corporation is an American-based Electric product manufacturing company founded in 1886. The company was named after its founder George Westinghouse. It’s been an industry leader and a pioneer in the electricity space for over a century, with notable achievements along the way. In fact, a short two years after when it was originally founded, the great Nikola Tesla came to work for Westinghouse Electric Corporation after receiving a patent for the first alternating current motor! Westinghouse has proven its reliability, quality, and excellent service over the past 130 years. Westinghouse iGen Resources What is an Inverter Generator? A […]

Top Reasons Why A Westinghouse Inverter Generator Is A Great Investment

The Westinghouse Corporation is a well-known and respected American company that manufactures electronics and home appliances. The company was founded over a hundred years ago and has been working on providing high-quality electrical devices ever since, and in the process, earning a prominent name for itself in the industry. When it comes to electronic goods and home appliances, Westinghouse is one of the leaders in the industry, as they constantly strive to streamline the manufacturing process, make the appliances more innovative, feature-packed, functional, and user friendly. Their popularity in the industry is evident from the sheer number of reviews and […]

The Ultimate List of The Best Home Generator Brands

The hunt for the best home generator begins with selecting a reputable brand. The importance of choosing the best generator brand should never be ignored because a brand’s history, reputation, and customer service levels impact your machine’s usability. An exceptional brand equates to an exceptional generator, which is precisely what you want when the lights go out!  Just imagine purchasing a super-powerful generator, and it develops a technical glitch. Of course, you would expect the generator’s manufacturer to help you as soon as possible and solve the problem right away. However, if the brand’s customer service team offers poor service […]

We Reviewed the Best Drill Brands of 2021. Here are Our Top 5 Best Picks.

Have you always handed over drilling-related tasks, like fixing things about the house, mounting a shelf on the wall, or even something as simple as hanging up a photo frame, to a skilled technician? Maybe today you’d like to take matters into your own hands, but don’t own the necessary equipment to tackle the job. So you begin to scour the net for the perfect drilling machine. It’s just a drill, right? No biggie.  Three hours in, you have a wired-up brain, jumbled-up comparison charts, and suddenly can’t recollect the significance of torque or the function of a chuck. You’re […]