The B.I.G.

So what is the B.I.G? Well it stand for Bone Injection Gun. And yes it is as terrifying as it sounds. Used for Intraosseous Infusion (IO) which his the process of injecting directly into the marrow of a bone. It is used where there is need for a non-collapsible method of delivering fluids and medication. It is deemed to be superior to intramuscular injections, and comparable to intravenous injection, although it can be administered much faster in emergency situations.


Generally speaking, any fluid or medication normally given via intravenous injection can be delivered via the Bone Gun. This sounds brutal but is often the preferred choice for people suffering from severe trauma or dehydration. These people are normally unconscious already and may already be under the influence of pain killers so the¬†might not necessarily be awake to experience the “application” of the BIG. I think I’d prefer to be out cold before this thing came anywhere near me.

Check out this video below of a guy volunteering to have the bone gun administered. He barely flinches. That needle is stuck in there proper. What it doesn’t show is the needle being removed, which I imagine isn’t much fun either…

For more information on Intraosseous Infusion see the wiki here.

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