The Activator!!

 Chiropractic has proven itself as one of the safest therapies for the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders like spine, muscles, ligaments or joint problems. This tool may induce wrist pain (頭痛成因) but the introduction of the Chiropractic Adjustment tool, i.e. Chiropractic Activator has made this alternative medical treatment more effective and successful. We talked to the team from Tsim Sha Tsui Chiropractic Centre for the answers below.


How does the Chiropractic Activator work?


The treatment with Chiropractic Activator does not include any twisting, popping or cracking. So, a patient feels comfortable and relaxed during such treatment. The patients lie in a prone position and the functional leg lengths are compared. When one of the legs is found to be shorter than the other that means the spine is out of the alignment. This evaluation method may or may not be performed by the activator providers. Some of the chiropractors do the treatment based on the physical examination findings of the patient. 


The Chiropractor carries out muscles or bone movement tests before applying the activator treatment method. The activator method uses a small handled spring-loaded instrument which gives a gentle impulsive thrust to the spine. These impulses restore motion to the backbone or spinal column. The main motive of the Chiropractic Activator is to produce enough impulse to move the spinal cord, but not that much, which can cause any pain or injury to the patient.


Benefits of Chiropractic Activator Method


Chiropractic Activator relieves your grief without application of heavy forces or twisting. The speed and impulse of the instrument are so matched that the muscles are less likely to be tense in response. Muscles also do not resist the treatment which makes the activator treatment method more effective. The force or impulse applied is localised and there is no need of any additional torque or bending movement of the joints. The force applied is so less that the activator treatment method can be used for a variety of conditions and ailments. 


This treatment is perfect for patients who cannot tolerate a regular manipulation, like of pregnant patients. Spinal adjustments with Chiropractic Activator is safe for many pain conditions. The motion is restored easily after effective application of impulses by the activators. The skill and technique of the activator providers also matter with effective application of the impulse or forces on the joints or muscles.


Each of the individuals gets benefit from the treatment provided by the Chiropractic Activator. Even if you are in acute or extreme pain, the impulses are so adjusted that there is a minimum chance of any injury or extra pain through the treatment. Patients get a more enjoyable experience with low impact by the activators. A good control over the instruments help the chiropractors to provide a specific treatment without much effort or discomfort to the patient. As the treatment with Chiropractic Activator does not include any surgeries, the recovery period is limited and the body can return to the normal very soon. The lifestyle of the person is not disrupted and you can live your normal life in parallel with the treatment. Chiropractic treatment is less expensive as well. The Chiropractic Activator treatment method is best suited for many of the musculoskeletal system disorders. The equipments are easily available for the patients or the chiropractors.  


The B.I.G.

So what is the B.I.G? Well it stand for Bone Injection Gun. And yes it is as terrifying as it sounds. Used for Intraosseous Infusion (IO) which his the process of injecting directly into the marrow of a bone. It is used where there is need for a non-collapsible method of delivering fluids and medication. It is deemed to be superior to intramuscular injections, and comparable to intravenous injection, although it can be administered much faster in emergency situations.


Generally speaking, any fluid or medication normally given via intravenous injection can be delivered via the Bone Gun. This sounds brutal but is often the preferred choice for people suffering from severe trauma or dehydration. These people are normally unconscious already and may already be under the influence of pain killers so the might not necessarily be awake to experience the “application” of the BIG. I think I’d prefer to be out cold before this thing came anywhere near me.

Check out this video below of a guy volunteering to have the bone gun administered. He barely flinches. That needle is stuck in there proper. What it doesn’t show is the needle being removed, which I imagine isn’t much fun either…

For more information on Intraosseous Infusion see the wiki here.